Balatex is a textile covermaterial, in various qualities which each have their own special characteristics and applications. Whether processed fully automatic, semi-automatic or manually, Balatex gives the perfect result in foil blocking, blind embossing and screen printing. Because of the linen’s natural look, Balatex provides that extra accent whenever ‘environmental awareness’ is the desired effect, whether it involves books, photo albums, menus, diaries, binders, luxury packaging and so on.


the most popular choice, available in a wide range of versions, from the real, rough linen feel to silky smooth.

Library buckram:

This cotton with its scratch resistant acrylic coating, produces in accordance with RAL495, is a sturdy classic.

Viscose FSC:

the perfect cloth for strengthening the book spines


the cloth with a soft natural fiber touch.

Cotton natural:

for a decidedly natural effect.


with this material, even conventional printing methods – so not only UV printing – will result in an absolutely sharp print; because the ink can penetrate the material this print will also be highly durable.


the bi-colour effect of this crushed silk underlines the luxury of your product.