What is your story?

Schermafbeelding 2016-02-23 om 11.17.01

Every person is unique and wants his or her personal style. More often we like to show who we are by the use of personal and expressive products.
Our notebook is getting much more a part of our identity We carry it with us every day one year long. We share our personal thoughts, appointments, birthdays with our notebook. The cover is part of our style.

This trend is reflected in the new Coverstory.
a collection of BN Covermaterials. The diversity in the collection comes together with a number of striking designs in which everybody can find his own identity:

— dreamy designs in pastel shades —
— tactile effects or architectural shades —
— feel the warmth of the knitwear —
— dramatic geometric prints with glossy highlights —

What will be your Coverstory?

Take a look at the collection